We Help People With Muscular Dystrophy To Achieve More

The last year’s 13th MDA RIDE raised 516,000 CZK.
Thank you!

We organize the largest motorcycle charity event in Czechia and a public collection to benefit people with muscular dystrophy who are associated with the Muscular Dystrophic Association In CZ, Parent Project, Kolping’s Family Smečno, End Duchenne, and SMÁci, and to support selected activities of these organizations. We have donated already 9,099,113 CZK to help individual people with muscular dystrophy and helped to finance 494 projects during our first thirteen years from 2009 to 2021.

There is no cure yet, but there are treatments available that effectively slow the progression of the disease. Maybe scientists will find a cure one day in the future. Those people will only have a chance if they remain alive until then.

Published by

Ladislav Poledna

MDA RIDE Committee member