Jakub Kadera ⏤ Friend Of Vilík The Bear 2019

MDA RIDE handed over Vilík the bear 2019 to Jakub on June 22.

Jakub is a preschooler and he is 7 years old. He is looking forward to visiting an elementary school starting in September. He likes math and just counts everything. He also likes to swim – he can already cross the entire pool, play football, build Lego, play computer games, or paint. And he loves Avengers and dinosaurs. He lives with his parents Pavla and Luboš in Prague. He was born as a healthy child, everything looked fine. At 13 months of age, the pediatrician did not like his too-pale skin and sent him to blood tests. He was subsequently diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is a very lively and good child, and due to his age, he does not yet know exactly what his disease is about. He is not very happy about practicing on Motren, a therapeutic device for movement treatment of lower and upper limbs. And like most guys, he doesn’t like to clean up. Every morning, however, he rides almost two kilometers on his Motren as he can watch the fairy tales during the practice, and then he goes to kindergarten. There he meets with his friends and in the afternoon, he goes swimming with his parents. On top of the most important thing – the exercising on his motion therapy device, Jakub needs his Prednison medicine (one of the synthetic corticosteroids), fish oil, seaweeds, or oyster mushrooms every day. His parents have been his biggest compensation aid yet, but he will need his first cart soon. And also a hippotherapy – is a physiotherapeutic method using a movement of horseback as a remedy. Unfortunately, health insurance companies contribute only towards a fraction of the daily expenses.

On behalf of all people with muscular dystrophy, Jakub invites you to visit the 11th MDA RIDE, which takes place on June 22 at Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) in Prague. It’s a big day of solidarity and it doesn’t matter if you come by your motorcycle or bike of any size and brand, or if you walk. Everyone is welcome at the 11th MDA RIDE, young or old, big or small. The rich schedule offers something to all. Visitors can enjoy a lot of live concerts and performances, an exhibition of American cars and beautiful motorcycles, or interesting attractions at partner booths.

Jakub, the Friend of Vilík the bear 2019, and other people with muscular dystrophy can participate in the Parade Ride through Prague thanks to the members of Mustang Riders Club and 1st Veteran US Car Club Prague.

His greatest desire was also to visit the Legoland one day. And so MDA RIDE fulfilled his wishes this year.

Every single crown counts.

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