12th MDA RIDE 2020 Live On Facebook

Dear friends, mates. None of us expected what we are going through. The truth is that our worries about the 12th MDA RIDE are certainly negligible compared to the problems we see around us. However, we who are preparing this event strive to avoid a gap in the long history. That’s why we decided to utilize social media.

We want the 12th MDA RIDE to be presented on an ongoing basis. Therefore we will organize a live broadcast on our Facebook page on Saturday, June, 6th from 12:00. Let’s enjoy this great day of solidarity together at least remotely.

In fact, we have already begun. Or better, our friends from the MDA RIDE Supporters. They, thanks to Strahov’s Jirka “George” Dvořák, announced a call for raising funds to help the number twelve within their MDA RIDE Supporters Facebook group. We are very happy that a lot of fans are watching our situation, and that the first money is already coming to the MDA RIDE fundraising account. We really appreciate it. And we believe that it is not at all important how many crowns will be contributed. More important to us is that you are coming with us again. We are very happy and thankful to everyone.

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Ladislav Poledna

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